Our Vision

The purpose of our company is to provide high quality food to those in need on a consistent basis.  We take pride in our animals and what we are doing to help.  All we want to do is continue to grow and spread the word about what we are accomplishing.

Many people donate food to the local food banks when they have food that is close to the expiration date as do nearly all grocery stores. This leaves the food bank overwhelmed with thousands of pounds of food on a daily basis that they have to sort through and throw out much of what is brought to them.

We at Jenna and Friends will be donating over 1,000 lbs of high quality beef and farm fresh eggs to not only the food bank on a monthly basis but other charities like meals on wheels, in need of help. We want the everyone that receives beef or eggs to be able to immediately distribute the food to the various charities they help on a daily basis.

There are so many people who need help and in our society it seems as though many people will not lend a hand without monetary gain or social recognition.  It is my personal opinion that there are many who want to help but they simply do not know how.

If you would like to help us directly, please feel free to contact us at Jenna@JennaandFriends.com.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.