Our Story

Hi!  I’m Jenna and this is Ben.  Ben goes with me pretty much everywhere: to deliver our eggs and meat, buy cattle, visit people in need to give them food, and meetings.  If I’m out and about, Ben will be by my side.

Our company is very new and growing faster than we ever expected.  Jenna and Friends came to be in a very round about way.  We were going to have a “Custom Beef” company, selling high quality meat to the front range.  We had everything set, website, custom logo designed and meat in the fridge.

There was just one problem, I couldn’t come up with a price for the meat.  I wanted what was “fair” but in all reality I couldn’t deny that if I met someone in need I would just give them the meat for free.

My biggest supporter and partner in life told me “Jenna, just follow your heart. Don’t let others influence your decision and don’t let money play any factor in your decision”.  That night it hit me: I wanted to start a non-profit and help people in any way I could.

Two days later we decided that all of the meat would be donated to the food bank as well as other organizations in need.  The day after we had dropped off all of the meat we were so excited and felt so good we just wanted to donate more.    Then, sitting eating breakfast, we decided how we would help was by providing food to feed people.  We both decided that while donating to the food bank was rewarding we wanted to actually meet those who were receiving our donated meat.  So, what better place than Meals on Wheels!  We currently donate 40-50 dozen eggs and 300-400 lbs of beef to Meals on Wheels.  Living out east we realized that a lot of the small eastern towns are the biggest in need.  Most of the people they donate to rarely get meat and eggs are a thing of the past.  So, starting next week we will be making the drive to Bennett, CO and other eastern towns to distribute our food.    Donating beef was easy.  Donating the eggs from our hens was a little bit more difficult.

Through countless phone calls and telling our story over and over again, I finally was transferred to the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  The gentleman I spoke to was speechless when I told him my vision and my goal as far as donating all of our eggs.  He said he had one question for me, “Why?”, to which I replied “Why not?  Helping people is the right thing to do and here is a way I can help.”  With that he explained the strict guidelines when it came to the eggs and sent me the paperwork to fill out.  Once our labels, packaging, egg quality and handling of eggs was approved, we were set.

We currently have over 110 laying hens, 86 pullets months away from laying and 84+ chicks growing and can’t wait to add more.  The hens have shown that they can be a full time job on their own but the look on people’s faces when they receive high quality, farm fresh eggs is worth the time and effort.