What a day!

The first day of my blog starts with my reflection of yesterday. The arrival of the Channel 9 News reporter from Denver. Anne wanted to see our 120 chickens, 120 chicks, 9 roosters, my cows, the calves, my bull, and our farm. Oh and of course she wanted to see all of the dogs! After touring the farm, we headed over to the Weld County Food Bank, then to Longmont to meet a good friend who loves our farm fresh eggs and the purpose of Jenna and Friends.

The excitement of the day? I step inside for lunch and a rooster attacks Anne! I left Ann alone for 15 minutes and now she is scared for life because of a nervous rooster.

It’s been a couple of months that our non-profit, Jenna and Friends, has been donating food to people and food banks in Colorado. You probably don’t know this because I didn’t, but I never knew that it’s very common when people and companies donate food to food banks, that their food is often about to reach its expiration date. This means that a food bank can’t pass that food out to hungry people. We’ve learned that by providing fresh eggs and fresh beef, we help so many people!

As the day wrapped up I was completely exhausted and constantly worrying about what I had said and forgotten to mention. I guess we will find out how the story went tonight on Channel 9 News. Hope you get to see the story too!

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